It’s time to get creative

Our new collection of watches takes us to the artistic and cultural centre of Paris - The Centre Pompidou - where we revisit Masterpieces with signature flair. The wait is over – our Swatch X Centre Pompidou collaboration hits the shelves! From graphic Mondrian and dreamy Kandinsky to lively Delaunay: take your pick from the modern art maestros now.
Pure, radical abstraction

Red, blue and white by Piet Mondrian is a powerful composition that has inspired fashion designers since the ’60s. The artist’s signature clean graphic lines and pops of color are reproduced in this striking watch.

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Sky-high fantasy

Animals, monsters or abstract cellular forms? The quirky creatures in Blue Sky by Vassily Kandinsky leave plenty of room for imagination! In awe of the color blue, Kandinsky’s textural technique and sense of mystery are mimicked in this playful timepiece.

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Modern city magic

Paris, the center of artistic life in the 1920s, inspired Robert Delaunay’s Manège de Cochons – a whirl of dynamic color with a Dadaist spirit. Our Carousel watch has a special cut-out on the dial, echoing the spinning rhythm of an amusement park.

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The iron tower awash with color

An icon of modernity, the Eiffel Tower fascinated Robert Delaunay. The artist’s unique angle shows the monument soaring skyward with a sense of lightness. Our Eiffel Tower watch perfectly replicates the flamboyant artwork’s unique proportions.

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Languid, sober elegance

Amedeo Modigliani typically portrays long faces and necks, as in his Portrait de Dédie. Featuring a metallic dial, our watch recreates the work’s rich textures and reflections. Pink details and Modigliani’s signature finish this romantic piece.

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Bright & festive exuberance

Frida Kahlo slid her self-portrait into a small frame decorated with Mexican folk motifs, bought from a village market. The Frame by Frida Kahlo watch seems to show the artist gazing in the mirror, her intense stare balanced with bright colors.

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